Afghanistan and Iraq—

The Wars and How to Stop Them

Adopted by the National Executive Committee in Regular Session
Santa Clara, California, July 16, 2006

The National Executive Committee of the Socialist Labor Party, in regular session assembled, reasserts that all wars in the modern world are rooted in the conflicting material ambitions of competing ruling classes. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are no exception. Thousands of American working-class sons and daughters, and tens of thousands of innocent Afghani and Iraqi men, women and children have been sacrificed over the last three years to further our ruling class’s ambition to establish firm control over the oil and other resources of the Middle East.

The working class of America has nothing to gain and much more to lose in the continuation of that conflict. Accordingly, the SLP repeats its demand for the complete and immediate withdrawal of all American military forces from Afghanistan and Iraq. However, we recognize that the government of our country as presently constituted is nothing but an instrument to serve the interests and further the ambitions of our country’s power- and profit-driven ruling class, and that any demand addressed to that government is doomed to fall on deaf ears. Only the working class of the country has both the interest and the potential power to bring an immediate end to the insane slaughter in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Therefore, we appeal to the working class of America to heed the SLP’s message for organizing its political and economic might to take control of the nation’s affairs as the only feasible and practical method of bringing a speedy end to the conflict and resolving all other major social problems produced by the blood-soaked system of capitalism.

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